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Stock and Modified Outboard Racing

If you have a love to be on or near the water, Stock and Modified Outboard racing is for you. Picture Go Karts on water! But no costly regular maintenance items like tires, transmission, drive line, and brakes. And enjoying being beside the water instead of on asphalt.

Meet your need for competition and social interaction at a reasonable cost. New equipment starts at about $9000. Used equipment starts at about $3000.

An individual or family sport that offers the opportunity to compete against North America's best on a weekly basis. Racing starts for ages 9 and up. And speeds range from 40 to 90 mph. Each class mandates specific engines that are legal, and there are requirements for propellers, boat design, setup, and overall weight including the driver. This ensures fair competition at all levels. We strive to make the final result driver against driver, and not pocket book against pocket book.

Most race sites offer camping and motel lodging. Most races are held on weekends and don't require you to take holidays to attend. Safety equipment is mandatory and all measures are taken to ensure that all participants have a safe and enjoyable outing. And you don't have to race to enjoy the mechanical or social aspects of our sport, several volunteer opportunities exist, from simple flag waving, to technical inspections, or rescue. Or just come to enjoy the day watching.

Most boat hulls are very light (35 to 70 kg , or 75 to 150 pounds) and can be transported with a pickup truck, on roof racks or with a small trailer. Many families involved race multiple classes and use enclosed trailers.

A racer can buy used hulls, new factory built hulls, or build their own design, or build one from plans or kits. This gives every budget a place to race competitively. There are also a few select Arrive and Drive outfits area available for rent, and Learn to Race Schools, and Learn to be a track marshal schools, that are managed and run by CBF Member Clubs.

Below is a general structure of the common/popular classes are below. Consult the CBF Rulebooks for official information.